2291 Olthoff Drive | Muskegon, MI 49444

  • BOLD Furniture was established in 1999 as a full service design, engineering, and manufacturing company of furniture and fixtures for the retail, healthcare, finance, education, and commercial office industries. Through BOLD products we offer an array of standard, standard modified, and office furniture custom products designed to facilitate the build-out of our clients’ environments. BOLD Custom showcases a complete custom product development process for our clients. We specialize in contemporary office furniture, and the custom process includes design, engineering, project management, prototyping, manufacturing, and installation capabilities for private label or BOLD brand products. BOLD's reliability does not stop with just products and fixtures. We are a process management house, bringing our clients the tools and automation required to manage our portion of your overall growth process.
  • Environment
  • Our commitment to sustainability includes cradle-to-cradle design practices. We plan manufacturing to minimize waste, and take into account needs for water and electricity. We use recycled materials whenever appropriate, and design for easy recovery and reuse of materials. Our finishes and glues are water-based, emitting no VOCs.
  • Warranty
  • BOLD Furniture warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship found during normal usage for these warranty periods: lifetime for desk and table legs and file and storage handles; twelve years for laminate products and plate and step casters; and five years for wood veneer and MDF products, drawer slides, and accessories.